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IOWA CITY, IA - November 2013
Basketball Club International is thrilled to welcome former basketball pro Kelly McCarty to our board of directors.  His unique experience as an international player will benefit BCI Loop and other player-driven program components, along with the mission and vision of the BCI organization.Originally from Chicago, this 6'7" and 235 lb. guard-forward led his team at the University of Southern Mississippi in scoring and rebounding during his senior year, 1997-98.  After a brief time with the Denver Nuggets, Read more


IOWA CITY, IA. - October, 2013
We are pleased to announce that Columbus T. Smith Jr., current chaplain for the Minnesota Timberwolves, will be joining BCI as the Fraternity Facilitator and Chaplain for BCI Loop. When Columbus T. Smith Jr. works with a group of professional basketball players, he's keenly aware of just how hard it can be to keep the attention of any active, distracte-but-seeking young man.  But as a chaplain for the Minnesota Timberwolves for 13 seasons, a volunteer chapel service provider at the Hennepin County Adult corrections facility for 25 years, and a volunteer tutor and mentor to "at risk" students, Smith enjoys the unique and varied challenges of his calling.  Read more

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Lord's Letters

As far as your eyes can see...
Just as a master writer puts pen to paper, so I have written my dreams and desires onto your heart. I will make it burn within you, until you cannot ignore it, but stand up and take notice.

I have put dreams in you that only kings and queens can contain, yet you have thought that they were too high and lofty for you and thought them to be your own imagination. Don't you know, my child, that you are royalty and that you were created to reign? Nothing is out of reach for you, my child.

So do not ignore those gentle strokes of my pen any longer, for indeed, I have called you to do great things in my name. Open your heart to receive the visions that I have poured in you and know that those desires are of me. Do not look at yourself and think that you are not capable and you are too weak and foolish to chase after such things.

Do not be afraid to hope. For I have planted many seeds in you. But until you have the courage to take hold of even one of those seeds, I cannot pour my water on it and tend it and make it grow.

Do not look at your weaknesses and your shortcomings any longer, but look at my ability and my strength. I will carry you through and work alongside of you. For I am not a God that looks on high from above, but I love to be a co-worker with you, to be a team with you and carry the load that you cannot carry on your own.

I am the rock that you are made from and just like Me, you can do all things. So reach and stretch out your arms, for as far as you can see, is the inheritance that you will receive.

For even as Abraham looked out into the heavens and saw the multitude of stars, so his inheritance was. In the same way, my child... as far as you can see and dream, so I give to you.

Look to the heavens then and listen to the visions that I have been writing onto your heart, that I have impressed to you in your dreams. See them, live them, taste them, because they are indeed, inspired by Me. Do not be afraid to run after them with all of your heart.

If I have inspired them, will I not also help you to accomplish them? Do not be afraid then, my child, and run after your dreams with all of your heart. As you do, I will be there with you every step of the way and you will accomplish great things you could not imagine, says the Lord.