Basketball Plus

A life and basketball skills camp for kids in your community


Welcome to BCI Basketball Plus, a full-day of basketball skills training and focused discussions, organized locally in partnership with community organizations. Each camp is designed to fit the unique needs of our partner organizations and the kids they serve and inspire. Basketball skills, are taught by professional-level players and coaches.

Parents of campers are encouraged to get involved, often with specific parent and guardian activities at the camp, and encourage their own kids at home to live a life of integrity, character, values, and faith and to continue our conversation after the camp. BCI pro players, ambassadors, and volunteers are on hand to inspire and influence kids on and off the court.

We feel privileged to be spending time with youths on behalf of local community organizations, helping to reach out to them in a way that will interest, motivate, and encourage them to reach their own potential“.

BCI Basketball Plus Camp, Compton, CA


We appreciate your continued support. If you know of an opportunity for BCI to partner with an organization in your area, so that we can enhance their youth outreach goals with professional-level basketball instruction and sports-hero inspiration or if you would like to support the BCI Basketball Plus program with your time, your personal donation, or your corporate sponsorship“ please contact us at or call 319-499-1006.


Basketball Plus Partners & Sponsors


People are Talking

“The Basketball Plus camp was a great success. This camp was truly an example of BCI fulfilling its mission by enhancing not only the basketball skills of the participants, but their character as well. And it was awesome experience, not only for the participants, but for the staff and guest speakers as well. I truly believe that the lives of all involved were deeply impacted in a positive way. I feel tremendously privileged and blessed to have been a part of such a powerful event.”

-- Michael Wilks, Memphis Grizzlies

The camp exceeded our highest expectations. I believe we accomplished our overall goal and purpose of the camp – that is, to enhance the long term goals and objectives of our local partner organizations. Our BCI basketball staff really sunk their teeth into the day and had wonderful, sincere interaction with the campers. Can’t wait to do it again!

-- Sharm Scheuerman, Founder and CEO, BCI

On behalf of all of our kids that were able to attend your camp, a heart-felt thank you. It was the talk of the school today. Many of the kids that we work with have limited opportunities to be in an environment of such energy and fellowship. The men that shared their experiences and talents really left a lasting impression – that will last for a lifetime.

-- Rev. Leon Kelly, Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives

In my 20 years of working with at risk youth and their families, organizations and churches, I have never seen kids respond like they did this weekend. Basketball captures their attention, motivates their involvement and teaches life lessons of teamwork, integrity and character under pressure. The Basketball Plus model works like Sharm imagined so many years ago. This camp needs to be taken to every neighborhood, city and suburb. As BCI proclaims, Kids are Heroes, too!

-- Mickey Elliott, Chairman of the Board, BCI

It was amazing to see the kids’ love of basketball, but more importantly, to see how they responded to receiving love from the coaches and players who worked with them.

-- Sean Loomer, President, BCI

I’m still beaming about this day! It was a privilege to help in any small way. I’m repeating stories to all who will listen about these men of faith you brought in to help influence the kids.

-- Scott, a BCI volunteer

The focus of the camp was to recognize who real heroes are. In my opinion, my kids were able to redefine really what a hero is. I appreciated the focus on parents and listening to what they say.

-- Rev. Leon Kelly, Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives

It was a great time! I look forward to deepening our partnership.

-- Tom Tillapaugh, Founder, Denver Street School

The Basketball Plus camp was a SUCCESS. The Lord touched many hearts and minds. John Rodriguez of the New Life in Christ Church said all the kids on his bus were “pumped” about the day and talked about the camp all the way back home!

-- Steve Smith, Chairman of the Board, Street School Network