When the pro player walks a path of values and integrity, he's showing the world how. When he is renewed in his faith and joyful in his spirit, he's showing the world why. If you are a current or former professional basketball player, please contact to learn more about meaningful opportunities for support, community, and influence.

BCI Loop

BCI created BCI Loop to serve as a community for professional basketball players, driven by the players and led by BCI Loop Primes: athlete leaders who, without judgment, make themselves available for spiritual and practical support of players "on the path." As a part of BCI Loop, pro players find common ground, encourage each other in their unique roles as leaders, and – with a compassionate but firm attitude – challenge each other on topics related to integrity, accountability, values, and faith. Together, BCI Loop players focus on "Keeping it Real" in a world that often asks them to compromise their spiritual life.

REWire Players' Retreat

No player is an island. Wherever each may be on his faith journey, he needs teaching, fellowship, and encouragement. Unfortunately, the burden of what's expected of professional athletes can make it difficult to slow down, renew in faith, and grow in spirit. The REWire Players' Retreat provides an opportunity for pro basketball players to meet in seclusion for a weekend of true peer support.

For players already involved in BCI Loop, the retreat is a celebration of their growing friendships and faith. They are compelled to reach out to their peers with a compassionate and challenging spirit. Other players discover the opportunity to let their guard down and "get real" about their lives – without judgment – as they connect with peers on professional, personal, and spiritual levels.